Weekly Realtor Update: Important Changes to Down Payment Assistance Programs

The below changes are for all Down Payment Assistance (DPA) reservations dated December

Tip of the Week: Zillow vs Realtor vs Trulia

Zillow vs. Trulia vs. Realtor.com: The battle wages on! Well Zillow figured Trulia

Weekly Realtor Update: Which Big Bank is looking to exit FHA lending?

There have been significant changes and news recently surrounding FHA. First, it was

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TripAdvisor.com is a great online resource, with constantly updated opinions and articles about

Weekly Realtor Update: Important FHA Guideline Changes

Effective today, September 14, 2015 there is a new FHA Handbook and guidelines

Weekly Realtor Update: I Like You

I like beating dead horses. I can’t stress enough how important referrals are to any

Tip of the Week: Payoff Calculator

Most people have some form of debt such as a mortgage, credit cards,

Tip of the Week: ArtKive

Do you ever look at the boxes and boxes you have piled up

67% of Future Buyers are NOT Pre-approved!

A recent survey conducted by Experian analyzed home buyers and how they approach

Update: Fannie Mae guidelines loosening!

Fannie Mae recently announced some important underwriting changes that affect all of us