How Technology Has Changed the Face of Real Estate

Back in my day we had to sign contracts on actual paper, answer phone calls on a landline and walk five miles to a showing, uphill! Times, there are ‘a-changing and the real estate industry is seeing the shift.

As you read this you may be at a showing, on the phone with a client, emailing a prospect, posting a blog on your Facebook company page and reading an email you received from your website lead generation form, all while downloading an app. Welcome to the 24/7 always available real estate agent. It’s exhausting and exhilarating all at the same time.

If you think these advancements are coming to a halt, think again. The following highlights five of the coolest, most tech savvy apps and products that are changing the way we buy, sell, rent and run our realty business.

Google Glass

Google Glass allows you to view a computer screen through your glasses. Tour a house, read email and shoot video in the blink of an eye, literally. In fact, Trulia recently announced Trulia for Glass, allowing realtors and potential homebuyers to view the property listing and easily scroll through the photos with a flick of your finger.  You can even receive directions to the house.


Every since the 60 minute episode of Amazon using drone carriers, we can’t get enough! Flying a drone overhead allows potential homebuyers to see the whole neighborhood or community. However a battle ensues between the Federal Aviation Administration and the National Association of Realtors on their appropriate use.


The days of amateur room scans are over. The app, RoomScan, allows a person to tap four walls in a room and it creates a floor plan for you. The app is free for iPhones and $4.99 for Android.


Tired of dealing with lockboxes? The app KnocKey has just made life a little more easier. When the owner of the house gives you access, you can unlock the front door via a web browser. Not more keys, codes and calling the home owner.


Some people are visionaries and others can’t seem to picture it. For those who cannot imagine what their potential house may look like after a new paint job or renovation they can use a new app called Floored. Floored uses 3D camera technology and laser scanners to build a customizable and interactive 3D floor plan model. You can add furniture, move parts of the room and add furniture.

This technology seems far from our grasp but it may become part of our daily business faster than we think. The fusion of real estate and technology is an exciting topic and we will continue to provide up-to-date information on new apps and products.