Many first-time homebuyers do not know the steps involved in buying a home. The uncertainty of what to expect may keep a prospective buyer from following through. To help aid in the explanation of the home buying process The CloseWithUs Team put together an infographic on the “Path to Homeownership”. This flyer can be used to illustrate the eight steps to take to get your buyer into that new home!

After careful consideration and many conversations with Realtors, it was decided that “Consult your Local Realtor” was indeed the first and most important step. Consulting with a knowledgeable Realtor first, gives the Realtor an opportunity to explain the process, minimizing the buyers uncertainty.

We understand that many Realtors want their buyers to be pre-approved, but more importantly they want a pre-approval that they know will not fall apart after weeks, or even months, spent searching for the right home.  Developing the relationship with the buyer before they get pre-approved provides you as the Realtor the opportunity to suggest the buyer get pre-approved by a lender you can both trust.