Tip of the Week: Payoff Calculator

Most people have some form of debt such as a mortgage, credit cards,

Tip of the Week: ArtKive

Do you ever look at the boxes and boxes you have piled up

67% of Future Buyers are NOT Pre-approved!

A recent survey conducted by Experian analyzed home buyers and how they approach

Update: Fannie Mae guidelines loosening!

Fannie Mae recently announced some important underwriting changes that affect all of us

Realtors show them WHY they need you!

With so much information available online nowadays, many buyers and sellers often wonder if they

Homeownership: So easy even a caveman can do it.

Many first-time homebuyers do not know the steps involved in buying a home. The uncertainty

How long do I have to wait?

We are constantly being asked how long does a buyer need to wait to buy

Almost Home Program

Please take a couple of minutes and watch this video. Trust me when

If I have co-signed a loan for another person, does that affect my ability to get a mortgage?

Co-signing a loan can affect your ability to get a mortgage. When you do apply

What are the guidelines for 97% Conventional Financing?

When our realtors are asked the question, “Have you ever had an offer rejected because