Most people have some form of debt such as a mortgage, credit cards, or student loans. But while debt can be useful when used wisely, too many people use it for all the wrong reasons and quickly let their debt get the better of them.

The first step of getting debt under control is to understand that a little can go a long way! While it is true that many of us are still living from one paycheck to the next, it is still possible for you to ‘find’ that extra cash necessary to benefit you in the long run. How amazing would it be to realize you can reach your goal in a faster time without putting yourself in a financial bind?

If you haven’t already watched our “Tip of the Week” video above, be sure to take 3 mins and watch it. It will tell you about a fast and easy-to-use app that will shed some light on what one extra payment can do for you each year! And now that you know what is possible, imagine the results of paying even more than that on an annual basis!

Make it your mission to help yourself gain the upper hand and achieve the goal of becoming debt-free!