When reading a real estate listing, you start to see the same monotonous messaging, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, pool, washer & dryer in unit. While this description encapsulates the primary assets of the home, it doesn’t entice. Would you rather look at a one-bedroom home or a charming cottage?  Home with a pool or a sparkling pool with private spa? It’s time to start writing listings that conjure images of home, or more importantly, create feeling.

Negative is a No-No
Review your listings for any adjectives that communicate negative feelings. Words such as small, outdated, or original will have your buyers running for the hills, or in this case, another listing. Scan through your listing and replace with a more positive tone. For example, a better word for small is cozy.

KISS Your Headlines
Keep your headlines simple, yet memorable. Ask yourself, if I could choose one word to describe this home, what would it be? Refer to the location, size, updates, and emotions you felt when first arriving. Some examples include “Magnificent Mediterranean”, “View of City Skyline”, or “Fabulous Water Views.” Find the home’s biggest strength and showcase it.

Nearby Locations
Location, Location, Location…if we had a nickel every time we heard that line! But it could not be more spot-on. People are not only interested in the interior, but the exterior. Help your potential sellers by listing activities and attractions your neighborhood can offer.

The trick is to simply tell the home buyer enough to intrigue and not so much that they are sick of your house already. A good rule of thumb is between 300-500 words.

By following these simple rules you will start to see an increase in traffic on your MLS listings.